See the sound, hear the image

KANSEI is a japanese word that means “sensitivity” and “sensibility”, but also means “emotion” and “feeling” . It is a subjective concept, used in contrast to intelligence.
The main KANSEI word has been used by japanese engineers and designers to build a development plan based in the emotional response of a human being while contemplating and using an object. Musicians and Sound Designers can write, play, read and transform music in their brains into various media if they have some experience.
Then, I discovered a way to apply the Kansei concept through the music and sounds and one of my passions: PHOTOGRAPHY. I decided to begin composing music and design sounds for photographs and photographic projects to get the feelings brought by Photography through the Kansei impulses provided by Sound and Music. It was the birth of KANSEISOUNDS.
My goal is to focus on how the still and motion pictures fit the musical and sound development, to create a unique audiovisual language for each and every project basing on the visual material already produced, and heavily employing sounds recorded in the field as well.