“Girlz Talk” road trip finished

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Altamar films – Pep Bonet, Line Hadsbjerg and José Bautista/KanseiSounds – was commissioned by SEED community to film the experience during these days. 2 weeks sharing an amazing human and geographical landscape.

Read the full blog of our 10 day GirlZtalk trip to Limpopo, South Africa, seeking answers to the question: What does it mean to be a girl growing up in South Africa today?

Calcio Storico multimedia released!

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A Multimedia piece directed by David Ramos & David Airob.
Edition, music, sound & video postproduction by José Bautista/KanseiSounds

Calcio Storico Fiorentino is an early form of football, originating in the 1500’s, which is still played today in Florence, Italy. The official rules of calcio were written for the first time in 1580 by Giovanni de Bardi, a count from Florence. Originally calcio (which is also the name for modern day football/soccer in Italy) was played for rich aristocrats, and even popes were known to play.
Now, the tournament is held the third week of June at the Santa Croce square in the centre of Florence. Four teams representing the neighbourhoods of Florence face each other in the first semi-finals. The winners go to the final, played every year on June 24, the day of the patron saint of Florence, San Giovanni (however the 2013 final was postponed until June 30, due to heavy rain). The winner is honoured with a cow.
The teams are formed by 27 players and the ball can be played either with feet or hands. They can fight using tactics such a punching, elbowing and all martial arts techniques, but kicks to the head are forbidden, as are fights of two or more against one. There is a referee, a field master, and six linesmen. A game lasts 50 minutes, and the winning team is the one who scores most points. The playing field is a giant sand pit with a narrow slit constituting the goal running the width of each end. Calcio Storico was not played for 200 years, until its revival in 1930.
The four neighbourhoods taking part are Santa Croce (the blue team), Santa Maria Novella (the red team), Santo Spirito (the white team), and San Giovanni (the green team).
In 2006, the tournament was suspended for two years after big riots between the white team and the blue team.

Multimedia directed by: David Ramos & David Airob
Filmed by: David Airob
Photography by: David Ramos
Editing, sound & video postproduction: José Bautista/KanseiSounds
Original music by: José Bautista/KanseiSounds


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“Música Visual” con Raúl Rodríguez, Jon Cazenave y José Bautista

Edición 03/2013
Música y fotografía. Diálogos para el acercamiento. 17 de septiembre y del 08 al 11 de octubre. Sevilla, Universidad Internacional de Andalucía_UNIA

Photo by Kristof Verschueren
09 de octubre a las 18.30h.

Raul y Jon analizarán los proyectos personales en los que se hayan inmersos. Uno y otro descifrarán el recorrido de su propia investigación e imaginación. De dónde brota el concepto, cómo se traduce al lenguaje elegido, a qué responden las estructuras y cómo toma forma de obra.

José Bautista pondrá el equilibrio como autor dedicado a componer audiovisuales con imágenes. Aportará el nexo necesario de un punto de vista que entiende ambas disciplinas como una sola.

Además, conversarán sobre “Miradas sonoras”, concierto visual en directo donde Euskadi y Andalucía; el Tres Flamenco, la Txalaparta y la fotografía se unen para dar a luz un encuentro personal sobre mundos no tan distantes.

“Into the Shadows” WPPMC on tour in Brazil

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Three years ago, World Press Photo initiated a multimedia contest to complement the established photojournalism contest.

Now, for the first time, the winners are on display in a pioneering multimedia exhibition. The exhibition opened its doors on 14 September 2013 at Oi Futuro Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

See all the winners of the 2013 Multimedia Contest here: