In December 2010,a few days after taking office,then President of Mexico declared the Mexican government’s war on drug cartels.Almost two decades later,violence that was already lived in the country has increased dramatically,in 2017,Mexico was considered the second most violent country in the world,only after Syria.It is not difficult to say that there are no areas in the country free from the influence of organized crime.Various factors led to an increase in one of the most terrible forms of violence that has torn entire families and communities: forced disappearances of people.The UN has declared, the disappearance of people in Mexico constitutes a “humanitarian tragedy”.Official statistics tell us about 40,000 cases of missing persons,while the National Human Rights Commission noted that more than 3900 bodies have been found in more than 1300 clandestine graves since 2007.

In Nayarit, the situation is no less bleak.The phenomenon of the disappearance of people is aggravated day by day.The State Attorney General’s Office reports that in the last 45 years 1 thousand 34 cases were reported and 598 were located;according to the National Search Commission),a total of 338 complaints of disappearance were filed in 2017, 557 in 2018 and 158 in the period January-April 2019.On the other hand,the Collective“United Families for Nayarit ”presents a list of 1200 missing persons and they believe that there is a sub-registration for fear and distrust of reporting by victims.

Given what they consider little participation of the authorities in solving the problem,the affected families began to search on their own,first individually, and then,with the example of victims in other States of the country they began to organize as groups who have the common purpose of finding their loved ones.Since the beginning of the year 2018,they have found a total of 20 graves in which remains of 109 people were located.