Multimedia & Film editing

From the storyboard to the final edit

In a Multimedia or Audiovisual, as a new form of digital storytelling, you have to take care of basic “rules” such as: Have a point in your story, words and story should guide images, a narrator point of view, the importance of music and audio and, the most important, tell your story in the way you want.
This is the reason why is very important to design and write a good storyboard. Storyboard is the key to construct a good story, and then extend this story to the multimedia world.
Once you have produced the media you need to tell your story (video, audio, music, interviews, etc.) we will start with the editing process. Audio, video, photographs, interviews, music, all audiovisual media you have has to be edited in a Non Linear Editing (NLE) software.
Editing is an art, and all depends of how do you want to tell your story, and how you can maintain the audiovisual rhythm of the piece to keep the heart of the concept intact. This is editing.
KanseiSounds provides Storyboard and Editing services to help you in the task of telling your story through a good multimedia.

Editing equipment (click to unfold)

1 MAC PRO (2014 model) 8 core, 16GB ram, 2 GPU FirePro d700

1 Lacie 5big, 20TB Thunderbolt 2 RAID disk

1 Lacie 5big 10TB Thunderbolt 2 RAID disk

2 G-RAID 4TB Thunderbolt RAID disks

1 LG 31MU97 31” 4K IPS Monitor

1 Apple led cinema display 24” Monitor

Adobe Creative Cloud Suite software

Final Cut Studio suite software

Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt 2 Audio system

ProTools HD audio suite software

Logic Pro X audio software

2 Focal Twin6 BE studio reference monitors

2 Genelec 8040a studio reference monitors